We’re talking about Pablo Martin, the Spanish artist and winner of the Male vocalist of the year TEXAS SOUNDS INTERNATIONAL COUNTRY MUSIC AWARDS 2018.

As you should know, behind this recognition there’s an entire life dedicated to music as a singer, composer and successful producer.

And as the restless person he is, Pablo will never turn his back on a challenge or on the gift that represents this award, and that proves his talent reaches beyond borders.

For this reason, without fear but with respect, Pablo by crossing oceans wants to reach out to the very heart of one of the most important American roots music and its audience. The Country music that is ever present in his musical formation, his sound, his lyrics and his voice.

The Country music that has always been a far away illusion and unattainable by the thousands of miles that separate Europe from the United States.

The Country music that is the source of this award, has now become a dream made possible to fight for, where distances that once seemed impossible to reach have been shortened, and the wish to achieve it has grown.

We are working to reach out to you, the American audience, and it’s the reason Pablo Martin has adapted and translated into English his latest album “ Despejado”, that is from beginning to end a jouney through the essence of Country Rock.

And we’re going to introduce Pablo Martin and “All Clear” to you.